Thursday, October 22, 2009


It’s another innovation from Toop&Toop to make finding
your next property even easier when you’re out and about
with your iphone – we call it ToopPA.

Essentially it’s a Personal Assistant devoted to finding your next property. It
locates properties closest to you, provides directions and maps of how to get
there, plus shows all the street views, photos and floorplan along with property
inspection times and contact details. All this in the palm of your hand!
Step 1:
Not just another search engine, ToopPA is an iphone web application specially
designed to cater for the ‘mobile’ user. Just type into
Safari on your iphone and bookmark the page with the T&T icon for future
direct access.
Step 2: Properties or latest market updates – ToopPA has it covered
Use ToopPA to search for a property for sale or rent, upcoming inspection
details, for direct contact to the Toop team or get an update on what’s
happening in the market with InsideStory videos.
Step 3: Searching for your new home
Standing in a suburb you like the look of? Head to Inspections and hit ‘What’s
on nearby?’ and ToopPA will give you every inspection on in the area, how
cool is that! The other option is to simply search by Suburb, Street or just .toop it
either straight to a home you’ve spotted out and about or by unique feature
such as pool, tennis court, units, townhouses… the options are endless.
Step 4: All the Property details you need!
After just a few touches you’ll have all the information you need. The property
photos and floorplans have been specially altered and optimised for a
minimal download size, so you can slide through them at your leisure.
Step 5: Finding the way to your next home
Found the house you want to see? One touch and the location is sent straight
to Google Maps for directions to the property plus you can check it out using
Google Map’s Street View technology.

Grab your iphone, check it out and let us know what you
think through the feedback section – in the meantime enjoy
the ‘mobile’ search for your next property.

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